November 2014

I’m missing my family on thanksgiving but hopefully this will help us all feel the gratitude I have to be living in Thailand and the opportunity my parents provided me with to be here on this adventure. I just finished teaching a group of 10 young monks about thanksgiving and they shared some of their holiday traditions as well. A fantastic experience and exchange of cultures.

But to my parents…. My eee moment:


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Check out award winning travel blog (and dear friends and my inspiration couple -world travellers Care & Josh) for their new series… Why Did You Go? which will highlight those who left the 9-5 corporate lifestyle to do something different with their life.

Find out why they left, what inspired them and where they are now! 

So EEEEExcited to be their first feature! Read my story here:

Thanks Care and Josh for leading the path! This series is going to be tremendous 🙂

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“Regarding life, the wisest men of all ages have judged alike; it is worthless.” -Freidrich Nietzsche

Several volunteers left to visit the light temple last evening. Since I had already been there, I took the time to review stances from all the world religions. Expand your mind- this chart helps tremendously:

I am often discouraged by how judgmental and disproving humans are of others with differing belief systems as their own. Many similar themes exist between all belief systems, maybe this is why it is so difficult to fully accept one religion as my own.

I have resplendent, open-minded faith in this universe and the benevolence of humanity.

A bit of Karl Marx (the often paraphrased quote) to challenge your thinking today:
“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.”

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While my laundry washed, rinsed, spun, and air tumbled, I worked out.
Lunges, squats, handstands, burpees, a bit of running in place, leg raises and some arm circles. A great way to pass the time and stay active during a somewhat passive task. This Active Lifestyle workout is inspired by Lorna Jane, the Australian workout queen.

Laundry here is not as passive. Admittedly, I usually drop a 2 to three kilos bag off in town over the weekend because for 90 baht all my travel clothes can be washed, dried, starched, ironed, and folded freshly nice! Worth the $2-3 dollars.

We have three machines at the mirror foundation. None of them have closed doors. What I mean is you drop your laundry into the half machine, turn on the water spigot, toss in some detergent, and let it go. Watching it swirl back and forth is quite mesmerizing. We use powdered detergent which for an enormous bag that seems it would last a year costs $2 or 60 baht. I manually switch to drain and then repeat the cycle while filling up with fresh water to rinse. Driers do not really exist in northern Thailand, thus you see all the glorious pictures of colorful clothes hung to dry under all the huts. The fantastic thing is you do not really need a closet because all you own is usually hung on the line.

A weekly task made active spontaneously! May try to make this one a ritual.



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Take ownership pride and control of decisions.

Offer advice or constructive criticism only if someone asks, otherwise keep to yourself.

Just as you cannot change people, only you can change you.

When receiving advice from someone evaluate who’s giving it based on the way they live the advice they’re giving. It’s surprising how many people do not live by the advice they give.

Read a lot lot lot.

Eliminate “my” and “mine” from vocabulary and writing. Expand ownership to all and speak in terms of us.

It’s ok to let someone know you need time to yourself when they’re annoying you. “Tact is letting someone see the lightening without letting them feel the bolt.” -Orlando A Batista

What other people think of you is none of your business.

Not needing reassurance leads to greater trust in yourself and the universe as a whole.

Let go. Let go. Let go.

The easiest way to simplify your life is to turn off your cell phone.

You are completely in control of your thoughts feelings and actions.

Everything.. Absolutely everything is a choice. If it’s not a choice, you’re making an excuse.

Stay active. Eat healthy. Drink less. Sleep more. Me more. Be more.

When in doubt let it out…

Showering twice a week is enough for me. Water, dove soap, dove deodorant, Chanel perfume, antibacterial wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste and confidence are the only products necessary to manage clean.

You have enough.
“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” Oprah Winfrey

You do you.

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With thanksgiving around the corner, American families ceremoniously reflect on what they are thankful for. This is a phenomenal, important practice to celebrate daily, no matter where you are from. However, any excuse to count your blessings, albeit an annual holiday, is a good one.

Travels have granted me experience to understand that gratefulness is universal. Gratitude is practiced no matter what deity you pray to, or don’t pray to. Appreciation can be felt individually whether you live in a beach mansion overlooking the coast or a stilted hut over rice paddies. Life too often tends to be relative to perspective, and removing yourself from yours can be ego shattering – which is a good thing. A smile, a nod, kind eye contact, and a bow will take two people from two different parts of the planet to that centrifuge of human connectedness. I live for that moment of Energetic Eruption of Empathy. This is EEE. This thanksgiving I’m thankful to share with my most loved family and friends the movement of EEEtheworld and my most treasured moments of EEEEE!!!

Person, place, action, or thing, showcase the moment your world was exuberant, extraordinary, erotic, exciting, evolutionary, enormous, ebullient…. When did, just maybe, life seemed to make sense for a bit?

How do you sEEE the world? How do you fEEEL when this Eruption of Electrifying Emotion comes over you? What do you smell? What do you taste? What do you touch? Allow sensory overload of experience! How extravagant it all seems when your stars align for once- even just for a twinkle of time.

My EEEEE : video (insert)

Your EEEEE : (upload)

Thus, surrounded by family and friends passing turkey and mashed potatoes around the table, or passing Yom Tum Kung around the night bazaar on the last Thursday of November, share your moment of quintessential EEEEE.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yours EEEly,


#eeeee #eeetheworld

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This past year, some acquaintances perhaps thought I was running away from heartbreak when I announced I’m leaving Chicago and relocating to teach English in Thailand.
(True I needed some time to reclaim my individuality, but that can be done anywhere).

Some executives may think I’m just a classic millennial searching for ultimate self-actualization too early in life and taking the easy way out by not working or making money and just having fun volunteering.
(Newsflash it’s a blast but challenging in its own right, and I own my decisions just like you do).

When I chose to say sianara to normalcy and societal expectations, I was screaming EEEEE and have dedicated my life to ways in which EEEEE comes most naturally…

Which is to be a giver rather than a taker and to explore uncharted new territory with other adventurous souls.

Keep calm and EEE on,


PS: What’s your EEE today?

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Moments of EEEEE: Class was canceled a lot this week because everyone is needed for the rice harvest- including me. Fiona just wanted a picture of the villagers shucking the rice but before I realized it, she was 100 yards into the field.

The dragonflies in the field
The feeling of wind in my hair driving to Huey Mai sai, with the hills, and the

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At Mirror Foundation I had a ball.
But now to move on I got my call.
I will miss all you heaps and the rice.
For making friends I now pay the price.
Sad to go to say goodbye.
And yes I’m not ashamed to cry.
Thailand is magical beautiful and green.
Pai, Chiang Mai, many places I’ve seen.
Hill-walks and smoothies and live in a dorm.
Share with 10 girls that is the norm. Teach hill tribe and school.
The orphanage the best, children so cool.
My birthday homestay in the village Lahoo.
Waterfall, bamboo house and an outside loo.
The ice cream van music stuck in my head.
Movie nights and chatting, late night in bed.
It’s been fantastic and I’m so sad to go.
So hope one day some of you at my door you will show.

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