October 2015

Check it out- this startup, song-a-day, is a community of members and music curators enabling a new song to be sent to your inbox everyday!


“It’s music curated by humans, not robots.” So it’s spotify with a human element!

This company rocks because it brings finding music back to the soul, versus algorithms, and is relationship driven- both elements lost in our technological society today. It’s also a terrific exemplification of putting your passions to work for you!

Sign-up to receive music here: http://www.asongaday.co/#form–subscriber

Promote their KickStarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shannonbyrne/a-song-a-day-for-those-too-busy-to-discover-new-mu 

Read this kick ass article about the kick ass founder, Shannon @shannonB here: http://purposegeneration.com/from-idea-to-side-hustle-in-less-than-12-hours/

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“Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.”– Vietnamese Proverb

If church is time to be with your family, then my family’s church is our family text chain- most active on Sunday’s during the packer game 🙂

Mom & Dad (Mike & Cath) hold down the fort in the Quon & at The Lake.

Bug (Katie) is a nurse in the Windy City.

Sexy Sistahs - Hoosier Visits

Sexy Sistahs – Hoosier Visits

Buddy (Mikie) is an entrepreneur in LA.

Me and Mikie 23rd Birthday Dinner Celebration

Me and Mikie 23rd Birthday Dinner Celebration

I’m in CO, as you know.

And even though we are miles apart, I am so thankful, to not feel that way. I feel connected to my family. Sometimes more than others. But I sure am grateful to have a brother and a sister I also consider my best friends, who are supportive in a way that they can tell you how it really is, and still laugh and love them dearly.

In a flash, we are all suddenly adults, but our souls house our inner child.

The days of dressing up Mikie while playing “Donna & Jane” (Me- Donna, Katie- Jane, our imaginary dress up world as adults- this requires an entire post, ha!) are distant.

I am proud of who my brother and sister have become as adults.

I am grateful to have Mikie and Katie in my life.

KT Mikie's 8th grade graduation

KT Mikie’s 8th grade graduation

I pray as we mature, find husbands & wives, and have our own children who have their own brothers and sisters, that they will have a similar, happy connection like we had growing up and have now. And of course that we will continually love each other, despite the trials and tribulations that life holds.

I love you Mikie & Katie.

Yours TrulEEE,

Your big Sister

Mikie Katie and Me 2013

Mikie Katie and Me 2013

I have a wonderful shelter, which is my family. I have a wonderful relationship with my brother and sister; this makes me feel that I know always where I belong.


Until blacks and whites see each other as brother and sister, we will not have parity. It’s very clear.

When you go somewhere like Kenya and you see how the children don’t have pencils and pens, and all of these things are considered luxuries, and what a privilege they see education as and how hungry they are to learn, I wanted to give my brother and sister long lectures. That definitely stayed with me.



Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/brother_and_sister.html#AgKBaw9qyywywrpP.99


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1 year ago today I buckled myself into my flight to Bangkok.

I traveled from Chicago, Ohare Intl –>Naratia, Japan –> Bangkok, Thailand –> Chiang Rai, Thailand (OCT/NOV) –>Hong Kong (1 week DEC) –> Bali (1 week DEC) –> Back to Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand with the fam –(2 weeks DEC) –> Home (Wisconsin JAN) for Xmas and to finish applying to Grad School –>Back through Bangkok (FEB 24 hrs) –> Pakse, Laos ( FEB jungle trek for 1 week) –> Vientienne, Laos –> Hanoi, Vietnam (FEB1 week)–> HaLong Bay, Vietnam (FEB3 days) –>Phnom Penh, Cambodia (MARCH3 weeks) –> SIem Reap, Cambodia (MARCH 1 week) –>Siahnoukville &  Koh Rong, Cambodia (MARCH 3 days and not enough time!!) –> Krabi Thailand and Railey Beach & a couple “KOH’s” (islands)!! (MARCH 5 more days cuz I can never get enough of Thailand)–> Through Malaysia airport–> Singapore, Singapore ( MARCH 2 days) –> New Dehli, India –> Rishikesh, India (APRIL 1 month @ vinyasa yoga school) –> Kathmandu, Nepal (earthquake survivor) (MAY 1 week)–> Pokhara, Nepal (earthquake disaster relief) (MAY 4 days)–> Home sweet home.

I also had the opportunity to catch up with friends in Chicago, (MAY) Indianapolis (JUNE), and Evansville (JULY).

One of my favorite trips was the 10 hour drive from Mke, WI to Midway, KY where the LFA Headquarters is (JULY). The southern hospitality here is alive and well. I could not be more grateful to work towards the mission of advocating for local food enterprises.

But most of the summer was spent between Mequon, WI and Elkorn, WI (The Lake!) Home sweet Home to settle in with Dil the Pup.. Run by the river, or jump off the dock!

In AUG, I had the pleasure of driving across country with my parents and 2 dogs to start my new chapter in Denver, CO.

We stopped just outside of Des Moines, Iowa and a small mining town 2 hours east of Denver called (??). Traveling to my new home, across the US was extraordinary!

Now in Denver, CO, where I have settled just south of DU’s campus in the cutest Kokopelli Kottage ever, I am enjoying getting to know my neighborhood and surrounding hoods (Cap Hill, LoDo, Highlands, Union Station, Cherry Creek) and Boulder and THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS!!! Rocky Mountain High is Real!

Incontestably the past year is the most traveled and transformative 365 days of my life.The marvelous aspect is the adventure does not stop if you commit to a lifetime of open mindedness, empathy, and learning.

“EEE” Everyday.

The connections I’ve made with citizens across our globe are completely relevant to my physical, spiritual, mental and educational well being.

Now, as a Master’s Candidate at DU’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies  in international development concentrating on global health and food security, I am embarking on a lifelong journey to make a career out of the compassion I lived everyday on the road.

If you’re thinking about letting go. LET GO.


Let go of security

Volunteer abroad

Immerse yourself out of your comfort zone

Experience perspectives from the opposite side of the planet

Never take for granted the support system back home

Believe in yourself

Accept that everything may happen for a reason- but you have to figure out what that reason is for yourself



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