November 2016

  1. BE YOUR CONNECTED SELF. America is founded on the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. You are a strong, courageous, open, accepting individual and just because your ideals may not match with those of our new president, does not mean you have to concede to those ideals. That is part of the glory of our country. You are an individual who makes America great, and can make America greater- together, united. No more hate on either side. You are in control of your attitude, perspective, and action regardless of the powers that be. Choose to move forward as a positive, contributing, open member of society. Remember that happiness is not circumstantial (aka dependent on who the president is). You can choose to find joy through your resilience, your respect, your care, your belief in yourself and your connectedness to fellow American citizens.  
  2. DROP YOUR EGO AND LISTEN. We all need to listen to each other and stop being so inclined to judge one another based on a check mark on a ballot. Remember that majority of the country was not voting for who they believed to be an ideal candidate anyway- red, blue, green, or otherwise. Ask without judgment, Why? Converse with the purpose of understanding. Drop assumptions on what it means to vote for a candidate other than one you identify with.  Maybe you will even learn a thing or two and can take this as an opportunity to better understand yourself.
  3. TAKE ACTION, BE ENGAGED. Accept this as an imminent sign that massive overhaul to our political system needs to happen. Bring on a bigger and brighter grassroots progressive agenda. Our system is set up for engagement through collective action and one individual can make that happen. Local candidates can be swayed by your opinion if you find enough constituents to stand with you. Call, meet, interact, and be involved yourself. That way, you are empowering change directly- or at least you can know for yourself that you tried your very hardest. 
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