Bienvenue…. EEEtheWorld


18 days until the adventure begins…. and EEEtheWorld kicks off in Thailand.

correction the adventure has already begun. THE ADVENTURE IS EVERYDAY.

Until takeoff I will be sharing my day-to-day prep for this journey, the tribulations which eased my decision to embark on this unexpected undertaking, and my fleeting moments of appreciation and sadness as I say goodbye to Chicago my home sweet home during the ‘meat of my twenties’.  Chicago Goodbye Kisses Video

Friends, family, co-workers ask me daily, “Are you excited?”

The easy answer is… “Of course I cannot wait!”

Complicated honest answer is… “One day at a time. It’s really a checklist at this point to get me on the plane. I have not been able to imagine me beyond the moment UA9701 lifts off of the O’Hare tarmac….yet.”

My life has taken an extremely different turn than expected this summer: Ending a deeply intense relationship and quitting my reputed career path were not anticipated events- at least not now, all at once.

Nevertheless,  I’ll take some credit for God’s royal belly laugh the past couple of months. “If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.”

I’m choosing to ACCEPT MY DECISIONS TO MOVE FORWARD and EMBRACE CHANGE because my spirit screams “YOLO!” and I am my happiest self as a SPONTANEOUS ADVENTURER.

I will EAT > I will EDUCATE > I will EXPLORE > my way around THE WORLD and I INVITE YOU THE EEEtheWorld with me.

I have confidence this freedom will bring me to an even brighter, wiser, wilder, more courageous self!!!


<3 Hallie

Share your EEE Moment! Your SEOT?

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  1. H September 17, 2014 @ 5:48 am

    So proud you have it up and you’re embarking on this adventure!

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