EEEtheWorld: The Thanksgiving Movement

With thanksgiving around the corner, American families ceremoniously reflect on what they are thankful for. This is a phenomenal, important practice to celebrate daily, no matter where you are from. However, any excuse to count your blessings, albeit an annual holiday, is a good one.

Travels have granted me experience to understand that gratefulness is universal. Gratitude is practiced no matter what deity you pray to, or don’t pray to. Appreciation can be felt individually whether you live in a beach mansion overlooking the coast or a stilted hut over rice paddies. Life too often tends to be relative to perspective, and removing yourself from yours can be ego shattering – which is a good thing. A smile, a nod, kind eye contact, and a bow will take two people from two different parts of the planet to that centrifuge of human connectedness. I live for that moment of Energetic Eruption of Empathy. This is EEE. This thanksgiving I’m thankful to share with my most loved family and friends the movement of EEEtheworld and my most treasured moments of EEEEE!!!

Person, place, action, or thing, showcase the moment your world was exuberant, extraordinary, erotic, exciting, evolutionary, enormous, ebullient…. When did, just maybe, life seemed to make sense for a bit?

How do you sEEE the world? How do you fEEEL when this Eruption of Electrifying Emotion comes over you? What do you smell? What do you taste? What do you touch? Allow sensory overload of experience! How extravagant it all seems when your stars align for once- even just for a twinkle of time.

My EEEEE : video (insert)

Your EEEEE : (upload)

Thus, surrounded by family and friends passing turkey and mashed potatoes around the table, or passing Yom Tum Kung around the night bazaar on the last Thursday of November, share your moment of quintessential EEEEE.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yours EEEly,


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