greEEEn glimpses on the other side of the world

It’s an accomplished feeling to note that I have physically made it to the other side of the world– and it truly is — 12 hour time zones ahead. Half the time I am in the future impaired to back home. The flights have Been uneventful so far which when traveling long distances, 23 hours in air, with two connections, is a good thing. I had a window seat with no one next to me on my way to Tokyo-Naratia except for the still guy one seat over. No joke, The Japanese American guy next to me barely budged the entire flight. He slept facing straight upright with his eyes lightly shut whether I opened the shade or not. He did not even rustle to go to the bathroom. I hopped over the top of him when I had to wee.
This being trapped, I slept majority of the way with wake ups for meals. We had a chicken dinner dish with a role and butter and brown rice. I am eating every morsel because I have not been positive when or where my next meal is coming from. The next flight snack was a surprisingly non-mushy turkey sandwich accompanied by a petite pint of vanilla gelato. Scrumptious

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