Heartburst: Denver

In life there are moments that you do not understand; And in life there are moments that you do.

It’s all a balance.

Like a wave washing you a new, something happens in your life, and what you could not justify or reason before, suddenly makes sense and becomes shockingly clear. The seething hurt or loss you experienced, in retrospect, is now commensurate with understanding. In this clarifying culmination of events you realize that all the heartbreak is worth it; death and disaster part of this wave of life. For without that past darkness, the light now shining in front of you would not be so blazingly bright and beautiful.

Time is an outrageous perspective getter.

Love is a magical healer.

Words cannot express how peaceful, and proud, and grateful, and exhilarated I feel about exactly where I am at in my life, and where I am going.

Denver is miraculous, and so many pieces of the puzzle just fit in place here.

I signed a lease on this “KoKopelli Kottage” just blocks away from DU and a big yard for Dil.

I will be living with a young woman in the Korbel program with me, who is brilliant and easygoing, and her favorite band is my favorite band (Paperbird :), and I am hopeful the beginning of a lifelong friendship has commenced.

And I sat around our AirBNB porch upon arrival surrounded by old friends, drinking beer, laughing and smiling at the promise of what the future  holds.

And I galavanted through Wash Park overjoyed at how quickly two old pals can reconnect.

And I marched around campus like I was 19 again.

And I hiked the flat-irons overlooking nature’s magnificence.

And I congratulated a dear friend and old colleague now living in Boulder for being recruited by FB.

And I partied with my Bro. And I networked with my Mom.

And I chatted with two cool dudes the entire plane ride home.


I am so grateful for everything in my life that has lead up to me being here! I am so thankful to be supported by so many inspiring and loving family, friends, and mentors.

Denver here I come. La vie est belle!

I am going embrace these good vibes, and ride this wave with a smile and lots of enthusiasm as long as i can 🙂






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