I’m just gonna write…

…and it’s going to change everyday. In the past, I’ve been overly concerned about having a perfect theme for this blog paired with perfect posts.

I’ve had so many ideas floating through my head that never come to fruition on this keyboard due to my fear of the literature not being just right.

Well 2016 is the year of mistakes… that is right… I am not afraid to just go for it. Trial and error = progress.

There are so many quotes that run through my head coinciding with this theme like Thomas Edison’s 100 or so attempts at creating the lightbulb and Michael Jordan not making his high school basketball team. A mentor of mine and past executive at SB, John Stoiber, runs a blog titled King of Failure “Failure is a moment – Success is a Lifetime”. That’s what I am going for. You get this gist? Mark Cuban even declares that no one will remember your failures as soon as you achieve success.

And what does success look like for EEEtheWorld this year? Consistent writing. Period.

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