Joyeuse Nouvelle 2016

Reflecting is a therapeutic process to ensure growth. Where have you been? Who were you with? What did you learn? Why was the moment significant to your life path? How does this experience impact your past, present, and future?

Here is a look at 2015 Month by Month…


The icy winter wonderland of home sweet home Wisconsin and Illinois and Indiana was a harsh change from the sunshine and humidity of the mountains I’d been trekking through and the Seas I’d been swimming in Thailand. But climate does not matter when you are surrounded by people you love. World travels puts that into perspective quickly, so I made the most of my month home by spending it with People I love!

Molly Roloff: NYE SNL Theme Party with her awesome homies in West Bend, WI)

Mom & Dad: Ice Skating at the Lakehouse in Elkhorn, WI and participating in the World’s Snow Sculpture Contest in Lake Geneva, WI

Nana: This brilliant 93 year old woman keeps inspiring me everyday and lives vicariously through my travels- I got my wanderlust from her!

The Rohrs: Amanda and Brian are best friends from college (Go Hoosiers!) and it is exciting to see Brooks exploring and settling into their new home in Downer’s Grove, IL.

The Indy Crew: Krista Robinson and Caroline Eaton. We had fun celebrating Brigg’s 3rd Bday with Lottie- It is incredible how fast these tots are growing up! in Brownsburg, IN.

The Homies: KK, KT, Sarah, & Gina all make me feel at home in Milwaukee.

Buggy: My Sissy let me crash at her cozy studio and she is cooking proof that a good chef can make delicious creations no matter the size of the kitchen!



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