Thai Welcome Chicken

 Since I’ve stepped foot in Thailand everything has been a balance of thrilling to the point where that bump wells up in my throat and I want to shout out “eeeeee!” in excitement (and I have!) to a completely slowed pace of life allowing time for peaceful reflection. Most importantly this will be an extremely cultural experience, as we are 20 miles from the nearest city in a small foundation camp at the base of the northern Thai mountains. Four hill tribes, the Akah, Lahu, Mien, and Karen occupy the area and we work to grant them equality as these indigenous people are looked at as below citizenship. Although preserving culture and their communities is the number one goal, speaking English is an important indicator of economic success in this world, thus several indoor volunteers rotate from 3 different primary schools, 2 child care centers, the hospital, orphanages and even private lessons to build the understanding of conversational English. The outdoor volunteers are sent to local villages daily to build mud slide damns, start sustainable water systems, terrace rice paddies all with machetes in hand!

More to come on sleeping in the airport, eating rice and spicy thai food for breakfast lunch and dinner, my day to day life here at mirror foundations and of course the relationships my heart is forming for this land and these people. Until next time, enjoy this video of my arrival- and yes I shared this songataeow with a live chicken we later prepared for dinner!

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  1. Mom October 18, 2014 @ 2:34 pm

    So proud of what you are doing, learning and feeling. Keep up the great work. Love reading your blog! It makes me want to scream eeeeeee! Love mom

    • HallieLou October 20, 2014 @ 3:40 am

      It’s because of you I can do this!! I love you mom!

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