SEOT: Active Laundry

While my laundry washed, rinsed, spun, and air tumbled, I worked out.
Lunges, squats, handstands, burpees, a bit of running in place, leg raises and some arm circles. A great way to pass the time and stay active during a somewhat passive task. This Active Lifestyle workout is inspired by Lorna Jane, the Australian workout queen.

Laundry here is not as passive. Admittedly, I usually drop a 2 to three kilos bag off in town over the weekend because for 90 baht all my travel clothes can be washed, dried, starched, ironed, and folded freshly nice! Worth the $2-3 dollars.

We have three machines at the mirror foundation. None of them have closed doors. What I mean is you drop your laundry into the half machine, turn on the water spigot, toss in some detergent, and let it go. Watching it swirl back and forth is quite mesmerizing. We use powdered detergent which for an enormous bag that seems it would last a year costs $2 or 60 baht. I manually switch to drain and then repeat the cycle while filling up with fresh water to rinse. Driers do not really exist in northern Thailand, thus you see all the glorious pictures of colorful clothes hung to dry under all the huts. The fantastic thing is you do not really need a closet because all you own is usually hung on the line.

A weekly task made active spontaneously! May try to make this one a ritual.



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