SEOT front row 736 turns

The three hour bus ride from Pai to Chiang Mai is 736 turns of narrow winding cutbacks up and down the mountains. It’s so treacherous all 7 of us adventurers took Dramamine (motion sickness prevention tablets) prior to climbing into our private songataeow on the way there. The route to Pai was back and fourth and back and fourth across the cutbacks, but because it was dark we had no perspective of the mountain ridges we were bussing across. This drive today was spectacular!!! I wanted to shout eeeee the whole time and restrained from asking the driver sitting directly to my right to pull over several times to snap photos of the outrageous views of the jungle mountains. This is an example of the curves: (video) warning this may make you feel like you’re in a real life video game. The cliffs were thousands of feet down if we teetered too far beyond the rail which felt like inches from my door. My stomach was clenched as I constantly attempted to pop my ears. This experience was extraordinary and I’m so grateful this spontaneous early morning visit to the bus station resulted in my choice of the best front row seat ever!!

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