Slow the EEEf Down


In the middle of Bali I sit on the porcelain and stone floor of the guesthouse Bali moon, under the moon, at 3am unable to sleep. Bali is supposed to be the land of peace so I am even more frustrated with myself that I cannot succumb to the zzzzzs. However, I know what the problem is: I need to slow down. Slow Down. SLOWww downnnn….And stop my mind, thus body, from racing.

So many of us spend our daily lives thought after thought after email after insta after rush rush rush to the next to do.
It even happens when traveling. Now after five outrageous days in Hong Kong with no sleep (all thanks to the greatest tour guide on the planet and dear friend paul Parisi for putting together an absolutely packed and marvelously fun itinerary more on that trip here) and arriving in Bali with places to be everyday in order to explore the extent of the island in another 5 days, it’s no wonder I cannot sleep. I am traveling too fast just like you are working too fast.

Leo blank brilliantly considers this “fast mode” in his blog and partially inspired me to write this post.
His surmise of our difficulty to truly focus on anything when we are in fast mode is accurate.

On another inspiring note, this photo I snapped on a bus ride from Chiang rai to Chiang Mai has to be one of my favorites as it captures the chaos circling us all. It symbolizes how we let the world whoosh by us in a verdant whirlwind seldom pausing to breathe deeply and accept all that is happening around us.

And when we do just stop- S T O P.

When you do escape the highway of your mind and park in rolling green pastures it’s such a beautiful, amazing, vivacious world! Even the chaos is charming when you are aware of it.

Why are we so nuts about vacation!? Why is yoga so popular?
These are societally accepted times to slow down.

The greatest moments of my past two months have been when I sit back and take it all in.
Andy, one of my travel besties, who is captured in this photo, lives her life in this gloriously cognizant manner which leads her and others to an enlightened perception of the world. Her positivity and beauty she sees has inspired me to slow down and I miss her immensely.

When I don’t worry about what I will be posting on this blog, or if that photo will get a lot of likes on Instagram, or what I will do when I return home, or how badly my backpack smells then reality happens and it’s so exciting!!

Now deep breath and take control of the speedy roller coaster ride- or at least how you perceive it- and just make its slow enough to take in!


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