that moment I waited for- takEEE off

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I endured the majority of summer escaping to this imagined moment in my mind. And now the moment is here- take off! I have made it to that very moment! Pinch! The pilot just announced they are closing the door to UA0081 ORD–>NRT. I’m settled into my seat 53A with no one next to me and the view of the world out the window to my right. I’m sitting on a pillow. the plane is huge and barely half full. The weather outside is rainy, cool and 38 degrees F which i believe is an OMEN that this is my  path- escaping this horrid Chicago weather to hotter, humid Jungle Climates of Chiang Rai. I have so few cares in the world right now. my to=do list priority is making it to my gate @ Tokyo-Naratia.  I should have about 2+ hours to find the gate in the same international terminal. So  I am taking in this peace and the strength  I have mustered to get myself to this chair. I am also extremely grateful for so many dear friends and family who’ve supported me through this time. There is a bit of tightness in my throat – that happy cry joy bittersweetness that bundles up inside of you. I’m so carefree and happy right now.

EEEEE the World!!!

Konichiwa le monde!

For this flight I plan to toast to my loved ones who got me to this point, then smile, pop an ambien and take next steps when I wake up! SO MUCH LOVE,

<3 Hallieeeeeeee




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  1. Caroline @ Traveling9to5 October 29, 2014 @ 12:49 am

    I remember that moment well!

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