The Village Wedding: Same Same

The more I travel, the more compassion I have for the humanness of us all.

 Universals exist in our worlds despite completely differing cultural, religious, political, socioeconomic, and physiological backgrounds.

I recently experienced a traditional village wedding in Ban Nongluang, Laos in the mountains of the champassak province far from the hub of of any city civilization. The majority of the time while dancing and drinking, I chuckled softly to myself thinking this celebration of souls uniting is no different than back home. 

There are so many differences I can elaborate on, (such as the brides red lucky gown, and little boys running around suckling Popsicles and no pants, or the dirt dance floor) but if I blurred my eyes, and mellowed the booming village Kareoke beats, that soft inebriation and whizzing on the dance floor, that feeling in my heart was as exhilarating as home. That spirit hammering contentment of a hundred people coming together wishing two newlyweds a blessed life together is undoubtedly universal.

When you live life completely in the moment, this golden human thread of life begins to unwind.  The toxic tightly wound thread we’ve been brainwashed to feel secure in, begins to feel too tight for comfort. If we allow this thread to unravel and wind with others, no matter who, and share, and love, and smile, and laugh, the net we trap ourselves in, our anxieties, and what we think is important or stressful, reorganizes into a glimmering, new, enlightening web. A living, momentous, human web which holds us just as securely.
At celebrations like this my spiritual thread shimmers with all that is good in life and I am so very grateful to have an open-hearted, curious-minded outlook and experience.
I wish the bride and groom a pleasant and prosperous future and thank them tremendously for a truly unique wedding, which from this oneness perspective is really just same,same.
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