Welcome HomEEEEE

My travel fedora is faded, my backpack deflated, the exotic prints I’ve purchased are scattered across my bedroom floor, and I’m wide wide awake before sunrise (good morning jet lag)…all signs I’m home sweet home safe and sound.

Words cannot express the gratefulness in experience the past 3 months. Every single morning I woke to a new adventure whether wandering through the green hills for a perfect yoga spot, cuddling with village dogs in the moss, conversing via body language with elderly ladies about their Tom Yum recipe, or rehearsing the ladyboy dance with the school children… Thailand has a huge part of my heart soul and mind that is engrained into my spirit and will walk with whoever I walk.

Last night I collapsed with exhaustion into my extremely comfy fluffy bed after a scorching hot spider free shower at 5:37pm. As the covers swallowed my nakedness (yes I love sleeping naked and it is a luxury after sharing a room for3 months), I erupted into deep quiet moaning sobs. Perhaps it’s a combo of 36 hours of travel across the globe, or my dog not being as jumpy to see me because he’s older, or the drab snowless dreary landscape that greeted me at O’Hare and the fact that I could not hear the thai orchestra of tree frogs peeping but the hum of the heater instead… I just cried myself to sleep and I’m ok with that. It’s was needed. Crying is the body’s hydro cleanse to eradicate negative energies. This cry worked.

I woke up (albeit at 2:30am) extremely happy to be home. So snuggled in. So ready to catch up with my Besties. So motivated to figure out my next adventure, straighten out my finances and tackle my Xmas to do list.

I’m so thankful my parents and buggy came to get me in Thailand because I truly loved it so much it would have been difficult to make it to the airport without them. We had a fanatical fun vacation and I will post more about that later.

Just glad to me home safe in Wisconsin and surrounded by loved ones for the holiday season.

For all those who have let me know you enjoyed reading about my adventures, stay tuned. I just scraped the surface on the photos and experiences. A goal of mine is to continue posting a
Through the new year and sharing the joy, simplicity and connectedness of Thailand with you!

Happy holidays,
Love LouLou

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  1. Paula Coraggio December 21, 2014 @ 2:27 pm

    Love reading your posts Hallie, you really write well. You are quite the girl, be proud of yourself. Wish your family the best and Merry Christmas, I am glad you are all home safe. Love Paula

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