What should I do!? EEEEE On my way!

I’m sitting in the airport with a balsamic aftertaste in my mouth from the under par over priced “Nuevo ni├žoise” airport salad thinking what do I do? We wait so long to arrive at our destination and now I’m in this moment at the airport ready to board to Tokyo my first of three flights and I am just going to take in this feeling. It’s a bit more empty than anticipated and missing loved ones creeps In deeply more quickly than expected. But this is it! I’m officially on my way. I’m much more calm than I expect to be. Security guards were the only people in line at the United international terminal. Mom says its a good omen to have my trip start I such an uneventful note and I will listen to her. She cried a bit and I want her to know I will be aware of my surroundings everywhere I go. I feel very safe and compact in a window seat of the food court.
Lots of Asian people- I’m already feeling taller. Alright, when in doubt of what to think or do next, write: it will bring a smile to my face! Now I just gotta get on that plane.

I’m off! Allons-y!!! <3 Hallieeeeeee IMG_1654.JPG





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  1. Caroline @ Traveling9to5 October 5, 2014 @ 12:14 pm

    EAT! Everything!! Especially Khao Soi – it was my favorite all through Thailand!

    • HallieLou October 5, 2014 @ 7:08 pm

      Thanks care… I will go find some right now. Nomnom

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