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Update from DIL: my wife Madhu and I went to the village to distributing cash.
Here are some pictures of our last cash distribution to Widow women and school. Its great that they have this support. Support to school means every ones get benefited in the village and widow women are the most needy ones as they have very difficult life, due to our bad though in the society, people think their husband died because the wives have bad sprite so they are counted as second hand women and no one can get married again. For example Nire on picture 0087 with light yellow dress with shawl around her was married when she was 16 years old and her husband died when she was 24 that was 5 years ago, she has 4 kids and have to live her whole life alone taking care of her kids. on Picture 0089 with short white hair women is oldest here 93 years old and she lived her 63 years without husband as her husband died when she was 30. With these stories, people can have ears on their eyes about how difficult life can be for some people.

But its good that we could help them.

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